Presentation and Demo on Open Source Software Tools for Geoinformatics


2003年7月3日 16:00〜18:00

大阪市立大学学術情報総合センター 5F AV-Hall


 空間情報処理のためのOSFS(Open Source Free Software)は近年急速に発展してきており,新しい情報科学と地球科学を創造する可能性を秘めています.大阪市立大学学術総合情報センター地理情報及びデータベース研究会と共催で,空間情報処理に関するOSFSツールおよびWeb-GISなどの技術情報の普及を目的に「Presentation and Demo on Open Source Software Tool for Geoinformatics」を開催します.ここでは,GISに関する最新のOSFSの展示,デモンストレーション,入手方法やインストール法について紹介されるほか,タイのチュラロンコン大学の研究者の講演も企画されています.参加申し込みは不要です.多くの方のご来場をお待ちしております.

Geoinformatics technologies offer means to manage and collate spatial information on natural resources, environment and human habitat and serves as a useful tool for national development planning, resource management, disaster management and environmental monitoring. Many of the Geoinformatics technologies are now fully operational and have the potential to provide technological support for self-sustainable developmental activities. Open Source Free Software (OSFS) has gained the attention of the Geoinformatics community and created new opportunities for managing spatial data. The purpose of this seminar and tutorial is to disseminate and share information existing OSFS tools and Web GIS technologies.


The Presentation Session will include talks by speakers belonging to Chulalongkorn University (Chula), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. The main topics of the presentations include a) OSFS for Geoinformatics b) Spatial Information Sharing and Web-GIS Solutions using OSFS c) GIS applications in e) Interoperability and Standardization Issues Related to Spatial Data. The Demonstration Session will provide a short introduction on how to obtain, install and use OSFS tools such as GRASS GIS and Minnesota MapServer.





1. Presentation Session 16:00 - 17:00

1.1 Opening Remarks

            Prof. Mamoru Shibayama (OCU)

1.2 Serving Maps on the Web – An OSS Approach

Dr. Phisan Santitamnont (Chula)

1.3 Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS for Archaeology Study : Case studies at Sukhothai and Ayuttaya

      World Heritage Sites

            Dr. Surat Lectrum (AIT)


2. Demonstration Session 17:00-18:00


Demonstration of OSFS tools

Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan (OCU), Phisan Santitamnont (Chula) and Dr. Shinji Masumoto (OCU)

2.1 Installing on Open Source Free GIS GRASS on Linux

2.2 Introduction to self-study GRASS Primer.

2.3 Installing Minnesota MapServer

2.4 Thin/thick client WWW Map Viewer

2.5 Integration multi-media contents with spatial data

2.6 Using Rapid Application Development Tools


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