Geoinformatics Vol.1 (1990) No.1  No.2

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No.1 Contents

Establishment Meeting of Japan Society of Geoinformatics

Preface : At the Time of Founding Japan Society of Geoinformatics....Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese)

Message of Congraturations (in Japanese and English)

Establishment of Japan Society of Geoinformatics....Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Symposium on "Geoinformatics, its tasks and future development" at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan

....Niichi NISHIWAKI (in Japanese)


Steps and a View of Geoinformatics in Japan....Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese with English abstract)


Geologic Remote Sensing -- Problems and Future Trends from Geoinformatic Points of View --....Yasushi YAMAGUCHI (in Japanese with English abstract)

"WORLDWELL" -- A Well Database System for Petroleum Exploration --....Kazuo NAKAYAMA and Kyoko KAKIZAKI ( in Japanese with English abstract)

An Outline and Construction System of GEOLIS -- Bibliography for Geology of Japan Database, and its Floppy Disk Version....Tokie HONSHO and Yoshiaki SUGAWARA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of Relational Database for GEOLIS's Data Floppy Disk Version on PC....Yoshiaki SUGAWARA and Tokie HONSHO (in Japanese with English abstract)

An Application of Fuzzy Sets for Geology....Yuusaku TOMINAGA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development and Application of Subsurface Structural Analysis System Using Database....Katsuaki KOIKE, Nobuhiro SHIMIZU and Michito OHMI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Education of Data Processing in Geology -- Example of Computer Education at Osaka City University --....Kiyoji SHIONO, Shinji MASUMOTO and Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Computerized Image-Processing System for Fission-Track Dating....Shinji MASUMOTO and Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Concept and Development of Geotechnical Data Base System for Regional Ground and Geological Information....Yoshinori IWASAKI, Seiji SUWA and Kouji YAMAMOTO (in Japanese with English abstract)

An Interactive Stereoscopy System for Geoscientific Informations.....Tetsuya SHOJI  (in English with Japanese abstract)

Personal Computer Aided Sedimentary Basin Modeling System (MAT98) for Petroleum Exploration....Noriyuki SUZUKI (in Japanese with English abstract)


Study on Mapping Method of Geological Data....Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)

Book Review & Software Review

Drilling Database System....Souichi YAJIMA (in Japanese)

The 1st Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Geoinformatics

....Makoto INOUE


No.2 Contents


Use of Akaike's Information Criterion for Evaluation of Geoelectrical Resistivity Interpretation Procedure....Tsuyoshi SUGANO, Koichi SASSA, Masayuki OHYA and Shinsuke SHIBATA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Regression of Data Set with Outliers by Type 7 Pearson System....Haruhumi NORO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Data Processing System and Microseismic Activity of Field Acoustic Emission at Ooya-Quarries....Fumio NAKADA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Pattern Recognition for Geological Structures of LANDSAT Thematic Mapper Image in Mt. Takakuma Area of South Kyushu, Japan....Ryoichi KOUDA (in English with Japanese abstract)

Procedural Analysis of Geological Mapping (2) -- Various Geological Models Constructed due to Various Points of View --....Shuichiro YOKOTA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Basic Algorithm for Automated Inference of Stratigraphic Sequence by Symbolic Logical Operation -- Use of Logical Programming Language "Prolog" --....Masanori SAKAMOTO and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of System and Software

Well Data Management System for Personal Computer....Norio MATSUMOTO and Yoshio WATANABE (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development and Application of Retrieval Program of GEOLIS for Personal Computer....Yoshiaki SUGAWARA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Book Review & Software Review

......Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese)

......Katsuaki KOIKE (in Japanese)


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