Geoinformatics Vol.4 (1993) No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4

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No.1 Contents


Logical Discussions on Definition of Time Relations between Grouped Strata Based on Given Relations of Individual Strata....Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of System and Software

An Image Processing system of X-ray CT Data for the Internal Structural Analysis of Geological Specimens....Tomio INAZAKI and Tsukasa NAKANO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Lecture Note

Development of Artificial Intelligent System Based on Fuzzy sets Theory (1)....Yuusaku TOMINAGA (in Japanese)


No.2 Contents


Construction of Fracture Database System and its Application to Rock Mass Characterization....Yoshifumi NOGUCHI, Hiroshi IWASAKI, Katsuaki KOIKE and Katsuhiko KANEKO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of System and Software

ARIES : A Subroutine for Automatic Relief Image Enhancement and Shading....Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Shinji MASUMOTO, Kiyoji SHIONO, Masanori SAKAMOTO and Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in English with Japanese abstract)

Lecture Note

Development of Artificial Intelligent System based on Fuzzy Set Theory....Yuusaku TOMINAGA (in Japanese)


Access to GI Net (Geological Information Network)....Hirokazu NISHIKAGE (in Japanese)


The 4th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Geoinformatics (in Japanese)

No.3 Contents



Simulating Sedimentary asins : an overview of the SEDSIM Model and its relevance to sequence stratigraphy....John W. HARBAUGH

Computer simulation and image analysis of finite strain measurement by the centroid method....Max VIDAL, M. FAURE, J. GROLIER and D. DUPUIS

Reconstructing the age and lithology of eroded sediment....Christopher N. WOLD and William W. HAY

Computer simulation of weathering process in jointed rock masses....Shuichiro YOKOTA

Mechanical-mathematical simulation of geological structures evolution....Valentina SAVALOVA

Computer-aided 3D erosional modeling operated on folded and faulted terrains....Michel PERRIN, Pascale ROUDIER and Bernard PEROCHE

Interpretative Seismic modeling case history from the Niger Delta....Ayorinde M. IDOWU


3-D modeling of gravity and magnetic fields as a final stage of application of effective interpretation system of geophysical data under difficult conditions....B. E. KHESIN, V. V. ALEXEYEV and L. V. EPPELBAUM

Visualizing multifolded and multifaulted terrain geometry using computer graphics....Michel PERRIN, Mohamad CHEAITO, Didier BONIJOLY and T. TURMEAUX

Reconstructing three-dimensional geological system: 1. The topography and geometry of horizons in the subsurface....John C. TIPPER

3-D geometric modelling of fault and layer systems using GOCAD software: Example of the Soultz Horst (Alsace, France)....Jean-Paul CHILES, Gabriel COURRIOUX, Fabrice DEVERLY and Philippe RENARD


Multidimensional statistical method for the construction of ecological maps....Dmitriy RODIONOV, F. WEBER and R. I. KOGAN

On the efficacy of some contouring techniques for coal seam thickness mapping....A. S. SINHA, S. BANDYOPADHYAYA and A. RAVISHANKAR


Preliminary discussion on the grey characters of concealed form type of deposit (orebody) and its grey forecasting and decision making....Xixian SUN, Jun DENG, Mingxia JIANG and Kequiang CHEN


A database of the content of geological maps (GEOMAP) and the computer-assisted production of the geological map 1:50,000 of Austria as a major part of the Austrian geological information system....Werner R. JANOSCHEK, Gunther A. PASCHER and Udo STRAUSS

Computer software system to assess the economic potential of petroleum exploration....Zkikai CAI and Brian MACKENZIE

Multi-dimensional statistical modeling of mineral zonality and spatial distribution of ore occurences....R. I. KOGAN, D. A. RODIONOV, A. N. BELIASHOV, S. N. TESAKOV and A. A. BABKIN

Construction and application of a geotechnical database for preparation of engineering geological maps for northwestern Iran....Jafar GHAYOUMIAN, Mahmoud Fatemi AHGDA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Eitaroh DOI, M. A. Nogole SADAT and Shigeki NAKAJIMA

Installation and application of data-management system on PS-Super 386 System for the experimental storing of hydrogeological investigation results....Ngo Ngoc CAT, Nguyen Minh CONG and Nguyen Thuong HUNG

Data base of active faults for USSR area....A. IOFFE, N. GOVOROVA, G. VOLCHKOVA and R. TRIFONOV

Reservoir fluid differentiation case history from an onshore Niger delta field....A. O. IDOWU


Multisatellite mapping and stereo-relief construction for the International Geoshere- Biosphere Program in the Nepal and Tibet Himalayas....Claude BARDINET and Gottfried GABERT


Index conodonts of the Lower Carboniferous....Sonny BAXTER

An example of the practical use of chronosomes in quantitative stratigraphy....Ulf NORDLUND and Cedric M. GRIFFITHS

Chronosomes and Quantitative Stratigraphy....Cedric M. GRIFFITHS and Ulf NORDLUND 

Physical property of pre-Cretaceous rocks in the Sichuan basin, China....Tian-rui LIN and Hui-juan ZHU 

The Application of mathematical methods for stratigraphic correlation of Quaternary deposits....Albertas BITINAS


Mathematical geology and the development of cyclostratigraphy....Walther SCHWARZACHE 

Factor analysis as a mathematical tool in the geosciences....Michael Edward HORN 

Fifteen International meetings of mathematical geologists at the Mining Pribram symposia in Czechoslovakia (1968-1991)....Vaclav NEMEC 

No.4 Contents

Development of System and Software

TERRAMOD : A Program for Generation of Three Dimensional Terrain Model Using Digital Elevation Data....Shinji MASUMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Masanori SAKAMOTO and Kiyoji SHIONO (in English with Japanese abstract)


English Sentence Database Using Database Software of Marketing....Hideo KASAI (in Japanese)

Application of "SEIS-PC" to the 3D Visualization of Hypocentral Distribution....Toshikazu OKADA and Yuzo ISHIKAWA (in Japanese)

Lecture Note

Development of Artificial Intelligent System Based on Fuzzy Set Theory (3)....Yuusaku TOMINAGA (in Japanese)


Book Review

....Shuichiro YOKOTA (in Japanese)


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