Geoinformatics Vol.7 (1996) Nos.1-2  No.3  No.4

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Nos.1-2 Contents

IAMG '95 Special Issue@


Artificial Neural Networks and Spatial Estimation of Chernobyl Fallout....Mikhail KANEVSKY, Rafael ARUTYUNYAN, Leonid BOLSHOV, Vasily DEMYANOV, and Michel MAIGNAN

Application of Geologic Information to Isothermal Mapping....Masaji KATO, Yusaku TOMINAGA, Kotaro OHGA, Shuji ONO, and Takeshi TANAKA

A Method for Estimating Fault Properties of a Fault Population....Zhuoheng CHEN, and Quanquan FU

Factor Analysis in Deducing Groundwater Level Functions ....R. JAYAKUMAR, D. RAMESH, and S. BALAJI

Statistical Analysis of Borehole Sample Data from the Liwu Copper Mine, Sichuan, Southwestern China ....Zhaoping YANG, Zijin LI, and Shuangquan ZHANG

Kriging Fracture Indicators to Estimate Recovery in Dimensional Stone Exploration .... Olivier TAVCHANDJIAN and Michel MALO

Generalized Pareto Distribution Model and Its Application in Oil and Gas Resource Evaluation .... Zhijun JIN

Multi-Purpose Digital Hazard Map for Slope Failures ....Shuichiro YOKOTA

Generation of Database for Preparation of Landslide Hazard Zonation Map of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India ....Satish S. THIGALE, and Abhijit S. KHANDGE

Three-Dimensional Geomorphological Analysis Using Fractals for Prediction of Debris Flow .... Takehiro OHTA

The Propagation of Flood Shock Model on the Steep Mountainous Area Combined with Geometrical Information System ....Ki Ho PARK, and Muneo HIRANO

Prediction of Occurrence and Amount of Debris Flow by Use of Neural Networks.......Muneo HIRANO, Toshiyuki MORIYAMA, Keiichiro KAWAHARA, and Mohammad E. BANIHABIB

A Mathematical Model for Hazard Zone Mapping of Debris Flow.... Mohammad Ebrahim BANIHABIB, Muneo HURANO, and Tamishiro HARADA

Forecasting Occurrence of Landslide Related to the Tropical Weathering Crust by Statistical Analysis ....Nhuan Trong MAI

A Way to Unite Geology and Geotechnical Engineering through the Recent Understanding of Soil Behaviour and Development in Mathematical Models .... Charles NG, and Yoshinori IWASAKI

3-D Modeling and Visualization of Heterogeneous Reservoirs: Case Study of an Oil Field in the Appalachian Basin ....Michael Ed. HOHN, David L. MATCHEN, and Ronald R. MCDOWELL

Method of Dividing Underground Model into Triangular Forms and its Application in Gravity Analysis .... Kunihiro RYOKI

Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Division of Permian Chemical Stratigraphic Units in Upper Yangtze Carbonate Platform of China .... Junya NAN, Dequan ZHOU, Jianliu YEI and Quanli ZANG

Quasi-Independence and Entropy Analysis of a Late Orogenic Middle Siwalik Molasse Sequence in Kuluchaur Area, Pauri Garhwal, India .... Zahid A. KHAN

Geomathematical Identification of Chromite Types Based on Major Oxide Chemistry .... Gabor P. KOVACS, and Lajos O. KOVACS

Spreadsheet Program for Determination of Reservoir Characteristics and Inflow Performance Relationship of Wells by Analysing Pressure Transient Tests .... B. C. JAIN, Abdurahman KUTTY and S. K. PATRA

Prospecting Clues for Muscovite Mineralization in Bihar Mica Belt, Eastern India .... S. S. SARKAR

No.3 Contents

Development of System and Software

Softwares for Map Images: (1) Map Image Construction Using Vector Data....Tsukasa NAKANO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Drawing of Density Diagram by Mellis Method in Stereographic Projection on a Personal Computer....Takehiro HAYASHI (in Japanese with English abstract)


Pattern Recognition of a Regular Hexagon Using Coordinates of Skeletons on a Satellite Image....Yusaku TOMINAGA, Naohide TAKADA, Ryouichi KOUDA, Masaji KATO, Shuji ONO, Kotaro OHGA, and Takeshi TANAKA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Technical Note

Program for the Calculation of the Circumcenter of a Triangle....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)

Program for the Calculation of the Intersection of Two Straight Lines on a Plane....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)

Program for the Calculation of the Intersection of a Straight line and a Plane....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)

A Scheme about the Uniform Random Numbers Generating with the Computer -- to create Finite Elemental Model with Voronoi Polygon or Polyhedra....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)


Report of Council Meeting....Society Office (in Japanese)

Report of GEOINFORUM-'96....Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)

Report of Technical Course....Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese)

No.4 Contents


Chronology as an Example of PERT....Tetsuya SHOJI and Hiroaki KANEDA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of System and Software

Development of the Processing System for LANDSAT Data Using Personal Computer....Hideo KASAI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Visualization of the Numerical Results on DEM as Stereo Animations....Hideaki MIYAMOTO and Sho SASAKI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Construction of Database System of Earth Dam and Its Application to Disaster Prevention....Shigeru TANI, Kenichi USHIKUBO, Souji HARIMA and Kazuhiro YAMADA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Research Note

Difficulties in Construction of Geological Exposures Database....Shuichiro YOKOTA (in Japanese)

Technical Note

Program to Distribute the Uniform Random Points in a Convex Polygon....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)

A Scheme to Generate the Polygonal Net Map with Voronoi-Territories in a Plane....Toshio YAMADA (in Japanese)


Preliminary announcement of GEOINFOTRUM-'97....Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)

Change of Society's Home Page Address....Kaichiro YAMAMOTO (in Japanese)

Report of ISME '96....Ryoichi KOUDA and Venkatesh RAGHAVAN (in Japanese)

Report of 30th International Geological Congress....Katsuaki KOIKE (in Japanese)

Establishment of Geoinformatic Section in Geological Society of Japan....Niichi NISHIWAKI and Shinji MASUMOTO (in Japanese)

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