Geoinformatics Vol.9 (1998) No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4

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No.1 Contents


Geometrical Shape of Fault-bend Folding with Simple Shear Deformation in the Thrust Sheet.....Tetsuya TAMAGAWA, Toshifumi MATSUOKA, Yasuo TAMURA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Short Article

An Attempt toward the Reconstruction of Paleo-Climate by means of a Data Base of Fossils....Naomi SAKAMOTO, Chieko SUZUKI and Kooiti MASUDA (in Japanese)


The Study of Nirasaki Debris Flow Using Cluster Analysis of Particle-Size Data of Matrix....Hideo KASAI (in Japanese)

A Survey of Structural Anisotropic Trend Planes in Cracked Linearments on the Sketch of a Rockwall....Toshio YAMADA and Manabu TAKAHASHI (in Japanese)

Book Review

"Chemistry of Earth System"....Ryoichi KOUDA (in Japanese)


Announcement of Geoinforum-'98....Society Office (in Japanese)

Announcement of 105th Annual Conference of Geological Society of Japan....Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese)

Report of '97 Geoinformatics Symposium....Ryoichi KOUDA (in Japanese)

Report of IAMG '97....Ryoichi KOUDA (in Japanese)

Announcement of IAMG '99....Tetsuya SHOJI (in Japanese)

Position Available....University of Tokyo (in Japanese)

No.2 Contents


Study on the Evaluation of the Degree of Scattering Points Extracted from the Pictures....Hisakazu KAGOTA, Yuusaku TOMONAGA, Masaji KATO, Kotaro OHGA,  Suji ONO, Juichi SATO and Ryoichi KOUDA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Minimizing Detritus Zircon Grain Contamination in Fission Track Dating Based on Statistical Analysis and Crystal Morphology....Yousuke NOUMI, Shinji MASUMOTO, Kiyoji SHIONO and Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese with English abstract)


The review of the USSR space program in the field of the lunar research -- New opportunity of remote sensing application for the lunar research, Part I....Andrew A. TRONIN and Ryoichi KOUDA (in English with Japanese abstract)

Research Note

A Method to select and express Dominant Joint Planes within Rock Mass....Toshio YAMADA and Manabu TAKAHASHI (in Japanese)

Lecture Note

Development of Databases by Connecting Web and DBMS....Kaichiro YAMAMOTO (in Japanese)


Announcement of the 105th Annual Conference of Geological Society of Japan....Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese)

Announcement of Opportunity....Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (in Japanese)

No.3 Contents

Characteristics and Processing of Geoinformation (Special Issue)

Introduction....Tetsuya SHOJI and Ryoichi KOUDA (in Japanese)


Geoinformatics: What is the Aim ?....Tetsuya SHOJI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Characterization of 3D Distribution of Sedimentary Layers and Geomapping Algorithm -- Logical Model of Geologic Structure --....Kiyoji SHIONO, Shinji MASUMOTO and Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Development of Geometric and Radiometric Correction Technique for the Regional Mosaic Image -- An Application on the Moon Acqired by the Clementine Orbiter --....Tomoji SANGA, Jyun-ichi HARUYAMA, Makiko OHTAKE and Hisashi OTAKE (in Japanese with English abstract)

Characteristics of Information on Forest Distribution and its Data Proccesing -- How to Locate Forest Position on a Map --....Satoshi TSUYUKI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Characteristics and Prosessing of Information Related to Nutrient Cycling in Agriculture....Tomoyuki HAKAMATA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Diagnosis of Materials Integrity by Using the Third-Eye -- Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation on Surface Structure by Acoustic Spectro-Microscopy --....Tatsuhiko AIZAWA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Structure of Iron Ore Sintercake and its Control....Masanori NAKANO, Takuya KAWAGUCHI, Shunji KASAMA and Tadahiro INAZUMI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Surface/Subsurface Water Behavior with Integrated Field Information....Hiroyuki TOSAKA (in Japanese with English abstract)


Report of GEOINFORUM-'98....Masanori SAKAMOTO and Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)

Report of the First Council Meeting in 1998....Society Office (in Japanese)

Announcement of GEOINFORUM-'99....Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese)

Update of Instructions to Contributors....Niichi NISHIWAKI (in Japanese)

No.4 Contents


An Interpretation of Geological Map Expression by Means of Fuzzy Measure....Hidehisa NAGATA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Short Article

On Quantitative Modelling of Crustal Shear Zones: A Theoretical Perspective....A. R. Bhattacharya

Lecture Note

Introduction to GRASS GIS -Part 1-....Shinji MASUMOTO, Kayo ADACHI, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Geoinformatics and ISO9000s - Quality Control of Geoinformation (Abstracts of Symposium '98)

An example of Obtaining the ISO Attestation by Kawasaki Geotechnical Engineering Co.,Ltd.....Shiro TAKADA (in Japanese)

Action of Geological Consulting Companies on ISO9000s....Soichi YAJIMA (in Japanese)

On the ISO9000 and ISO14001....Hiroshi OKAMOTO (in Japanese)


Report of the Second Council Meeting in 1998....Society Office (in Japanese)

On the Name of Our Society....Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Report of Japanese National Committee of Geology, Science Council of Japan....Niichi NISHIWAKI (in Japanese)

@Vol.8 Contents Table