Geoinformatics Vol.11 (2000) No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4

 Vol.10 Contents Table


No.1 Contents

Development of System and Software

A Function Generator for Walsh Order Hadamard Matrix and Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform....Hideyasu ASAHI (in Japanese with English abstract)


Interpretation of Geomorphology and Geology Using Slope Gradation Map....Izumi KAMIYA, Takahito KUROKI and Kohei TANAKA (in Japanese with English abstract) 


Applicability of Geophysical Methods for Localization of Archaeological Targets: An Introduction....Lev V. EPPELBAUM

Short Article

Digital Characterization of Silicoflagellate for Numerical Taxonomy....Hideto TSUTSUI (in Japanese with English abstract)


Announcement of GEOINFORUM-2000....Society Office (in Japanese)

Announcement of Annual Conference of Geological Society of Japan....Shuichiro YOKOTA (in Japanese)

Announcement of Symposium of Japan Society of Applied Geology....Shuichiro YOKOTA (in Japanese)

Report on the IAMG '99....Tetsuya SHOJI (in Japanese)

Report on Geological Committee of Science Council of Japan....Niichi NISHIWAKI (in Japanese)

No.2 Contents

Geoinforum-2000 Annual Meeting Abstracts

Migration of elements obtained from geochemical atlas....Minoru ASADA, Tatsuya SEKI and Yousuke NOUMI (in Japanese)

Cluster analysis of Numerized Soil Name -- Pre-processing of Drilling-log File --....Hideyasu ASAHI, Sadaiku HATTORI and Toshikazu KUROSHIMA (in Japanese)

Development of urgent hypocenter information offering system....Satoshi HARADA, Yuzo ISHIKAWA and Koji NAKAMURA (in Japanese)

Development of Web-Database by Windows2000/NTserver and Access --Receiving System of the Macroscopic Anomaly Information --....Ryuichi HARAGUCHI and Kiyoshi WADATSUMI (in Japanese)

Stress analysis around Ryukyu Arc by means of finite element method....Daigoro HAYASHI and Takeshi IGUCHI (in Japanese)

Assessment of slope disasters by local DEM and spatial data in Hakusan district, Mie Prefecture....Takeshi HIRAIWA and Kaoru FUKUYAMA (in Japanese)

Spatial Distribution Modeling of Multi-scale Fracture System Using Geostatistics....Yuichi ICHIKAWA, Katsuaki KOIKE and Naoaki NAKAMURA (in Japanese)

A Design of personal Geological Exposures (Field note) Database -- A mathematical model of the Exposure Structure --....Hideo KASAI (in Japanese)

Analysis of Geomorphometric Parameters Based on Arc View GIS tools....Daisaku KAWABATA (in Japanese)

Gravity Maps and CD-ROM of Japan by Geological Survey of Japan....Masao KOMAZAWA, Toshio HIROSHIMA, Yasuaki MURATA, Rie MORIJIRI and Masahiko MAKINO (in Japanese)

Completion of normalized infrared images of Japanese land area as knowledge base....Ryoichi KOUDA, Yutaka MURAKAMI, Tomoji SANGA and Yoneji MATANO (in Japanese)

Analysis of origination and extinction of radiolarian fossil assemblages from the Mino Belt....Kiyoko KUWAHARA and Akira YAO (in Japanese)

Visualization of Geologic Sections Using GRASS GIS....Shinji MASUMOTO, Tatsuya NEMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Multivariate Spatial Distribution Analysis of Chemical Composition Content in a Kuroko Deposit....Setsuro MATSUDA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Toru SUZUKI and Michito OHMI (in Japanese)

Expression of relationship between bedding plane and geomorphic surface....Tatsuya NEMOTO, Takashi FUJITA, Shinji MASUMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Three Dimensional Modeling of Faulted Geologic Structures....Tatsuya NEMOTO, Go YONEZAWA, Shinji MASUMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Estimation of Topographic Surface using the Inter-contour Height Information -- An Application for Plane Area --....Yousuke NOUMI, Kiyoji SHIONO, Shinji MASUMOTO and Venkatesh RAGHAVAN (in Japanese)

Program of Morphometry for DEM and Trial Calculation on Shikoku Region....Takehiro OHTA and Kazumi OHNO (in Japanese)

The detailed estimation of geological surface by dividing area....Hiroki OKUYAMA, Kiyoji SHIONO and Shinji MASUMOTO (in Japanese)

Development of SISGeM -- An Online System for 3D Geological Modeling --....Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Shinji MASUMOTO, Tatsuya NEMOTO and Kiyoji SHIONO

Development of SLIDELinks -- A Prototype Landslide Database....Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Go YONEZAWA, Tatsuya NEMOTO, Shinji MASUMOTO, Hiroshi FUKUOKA, Yosuke NOUMI and Takashi FUJITA

Process of Theme Sheet Map Digitizing....Hiroko SAKAMOTO, Tatsuya NEMOTO, Shinji MASUMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Practical Solution of  3-D Geomapping System Based on Geology Oriented Logical System....Masanori SAKAMOTO, Kiyoji SHIONO and Shinji MASUMOTO (in Japanese)

Utilization of altitudinal dispersion for detecting geomorphological and geological features from degital map....Tomoji SANGA and Osamu FUJIWARA (in Japanese)

Mathematical Structure of Stratigraphic Classifications Generated by Given Classifications -- Boolean Algebra and Distributive Lattice --....Kiyoji SHIONO and Yoshiaki TSUJIMOTO (in Japanese)

New Version of Gridding Algorithm Horizon -- Smoothness, Penalty and Data Evaluation --....Kiyoji SHIONO, Shinji MASUMOTO and Masanori SAKAMOTO (in Japanese)

Calculation of Variogram by MS-Excel....Tetsuya SHOJI (in Japanese)

Drawing of Wulff net and Stereographic Projection by MS-Excel....Tetsuya SHOJI (in Japanese)

Application of Geological 3D Analysis and Viewer System -- An Underground Dam --....Shigeru TANI and Masato FUKUHARA (in Japanese)

Spatial Distribution of Typical Vein in The Konomai Deposit....Yuusaku TOMONAGA, Juichi SATO and Shuji ONO (in Japanese)

Questionnaire Investigation about Macroscopic Anomaly on the Taiwan Earthquake -- Data Sheet on Investigation and Statistics Treatment on Input --....Kiyoshi WADATSUMI, Ryuichi HARAGUCHI, Masako SUGITA and Kazuhito OKAMOTO (in Japanese)

Precursor Anomaly Testimony by VTR on the Chichi Earthquake....Kiyoshi WADATSUMI, Ryuichi HARAGUCHI and Masako SUGITA (in Japanese)

Timing of an Anomaly Phenomenon Appearance by Earthwarm and Thousand-leged Worm with Taiwan and Chiayi Earthquake....Kiyoshi WADATSUMI and Ryuichi HARAGUCHI (in Japanese)

Mathematical Structures of Biostratigraphic Classification Derived from an Axiom System....Kumiko YAMAGUCHI (in Japanese)

Development of Bibliographic Database on Radiolarian Literatures....Go YONEZAWA, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Akira YAO and Mamoru SHIBAYAMA (in Japanese)

Bibliographic Database on Radiolarian Literatures -- JRADS --....Go YONEZAWA, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Mamoru SHIBAYAMA, Akira YAO, Shinjiro MIZUTANI and Kiyoko KUWAHARA (in Japanese)

Mid Fielder: Decision Support System for Geologic Field Survey (Prototype)....Kenichi YOSHIDA, Kiyoji SHIONO and Shinji MASUMOTO (in Japanese)

No.3 Contents


Geophysical Features along Subducted Plate off Nankai Trough to Eastern Shikoku....Yukari KIDO Toshihiko HIGASHIKATA, Kantaro FUJIOKA, Yoshiyuki KANEDA, Yoshiteru KONO, Shiki MACHIDA and Hiroshi SATO (in Japanese with English abstract)


Development and Publication of Geological Database at Geological Survey of Japan....Xinglin LEI and Isao HASEGAWA (in Japanese with English abstract)

Technical Note

Development of Geotechnical Data Base System for Civil Consultants....Naoki KATSUNO (in Japanese)

Research Note

Identification of Active Tectonics Based on Shaded-Relief Maps from Digital Elevation Model with 50m pixel resolution....Daisaku KAWABATA, Atsumasa OKADA and Keiji TAKEMURA (in Japanese)

Lecture Note

Development of Databases by Connecting Web and DBMS (Part 2) Development Using ASP and its Advantage....Kaichiro YAMAMOTO (in Japanese)

Introduction to GRASS GIS - Part 2 -....Shinji MASUMOTO, Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Tatsuya NEMOTO and Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Book Review

Active Faults in the Kinki Area, Central Japan: Sheet Maps and Inventories by Atsumasa OKADA and Masami TOGO, Editors....Koichi NAKAGAWA (in Japanese)


Report on the First Council Meeting in 2000....Society Office (in Japanese)

Report on the GEOINFORUM-2000....Masanori SAKAMOTO and Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)

No.4 Contents


Geophysical Properties of the Northern South China Sea, the Continental Margin -- An Example of Utilization of JAMSTEC Frontier Database System --....Yukari KIDO (in English with Japanese abstract)

A Design of Personal Geological Outcrop Database -- A Consideration on the Mathematical Model of the Outcrop Structure....Hideo KASAI (in Japanese with English abstract)

Principle of Geologic Field Survey and Mapping as Theoretical Bases of Computer Processing....Kiyoji SHIONO, Shinji MASUMOTO, Masanori SAKAMOTO and Akira YAO (in Japanese with English abstract)

Qualification System in Information Society (JSGI Symposium-2000 Distributed Materials)

Proposal of Geological Information Technology Training Program....Kiyoji SHIONO (in Japanese)

Qualification System of Geological Information Processing....Makoto INOUE (in Japanese)


Report on the Second Council Meeting in 2000....Society Office (in Japanese)

Participation to the Electric Libraries....Niichi NISHIWAKI (in Japanese)

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