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Evaluation of Regular Depth Distribution and Geologic Structural Mapping of Quaternary Marine Clay Beds in the Osaka Plain, Japan....Muneki Mitamurta

Food Production and Deforestation in the Northern Uplands: A Cartographic Approach....Vo Thanh Son

Utilization of Land and Land Use Information System on Soils Derived from Weathered Basalts for Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Central Highlands of Vietnam....Nguyen Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Xuan, Bui Van Hung, Do Dinh Dai, and Bui Thi Ngoc Dung

Land Use/Cover Mapping in Mountainous Areas Using a Knowledge Based Classification Approach - Case Study in Backan Province, Vietnam....Nguyen Dinh Duong

A Process Based Approach to Model Soil Erosion and Sediment Transport at Regional Scale: Model Structure, Modeling Strategies and Validation....M. Habib-ur-Rehman, Srikantha Herath, and Katumi Musiake

A Coupled River and Inundation Modeling Scheme for Efficient Flood Forecasting....Srikantha Herath, Dushmanta Dutta, and Sohan Wijesekera

GIS and Image Analysis to Study the Process of Late Holocene Sedimentary Evolution in Balat River Mouth, Vietnam....Tran Nghi, Mai Trong Nhuan, Chu Van Ngoi, Nguyen Van Dai, Dinh Xuan Thanh, Nguyen Dinh Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Lan, Dam Quang Minh, and Ngo Quang Toan

Global Soil Loss Estimate Using RUSLE Model: The Use of Global Spatial Datasets on Estimating Erosive Parameters....Pham Thai Nam, Dawen Yang, Shinjiro Kanae, Taikan Oki, and Katumi Musiake

Development of System and Software

A New Software Package for Rittmann Norm Calculation....Duong The Hung, and Dam Quang Minh

WinASEAN 4.0 - An Image Analysis Package for Environment Monitoring and Natural Resource Management....Nguyen Dinh Duong

Development of an Online Spatial Information System for Geologic Modeling - SISGeM....Tatsuya Nemoto, Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto, and Kiyoji Shiono


Announcement on GEOINFORUM-2003

IAMG Symposia in the 32nd IGC

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No.2 Contents

Development of System and Software

KUT: Software to Rotate Orientation Data....Satoshi Tomita and Atsushi Yamaji

Geoinforum-2003 Annual Meeting Abstracts

Special Lecture

Snow utilization and long term storage of grain....Masayoshi Kobiyama

Agricultural use of the satellite remotesensing data in Hokkaido....Daiji Asaka


Introduction of geological GIS maps and data of Hokkaido, Japan....Satoshi Ozawa

Relations between JGCA and the Geological Standard for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan....Fumio Nakada and Japan Geotechnical Consultants Association

Practical use of computer-aided geological data in Hokkaido....Tsuneo Inazuki and Hokkaido Geotechnical Consultants Association CALS/EC Working-team

An application of computer-aided geological data in Hokkaido....Yasumitsu Horiuchi, Kouichi Isogai and Hokkaido Geotechnical Consultants Association CALS/EC Working-team

A 1:200,000-scale seamless digital geological map, Hokkaido area....Shinji Takarada, Mitsuru Nakagawa, Mizuho Amma-Miyasaka, Akira Sakai, Yasushi Watanabe, Mahito Watanabe, Yoshihiro Ishizuka, Seiichi Toshimitsu, Masanori Ozaki, Yutaka Takahashi, Ryuta Furukawa, Kazuhiko Kano and Koji Wakita

Toward the world-wide common and interoperable geologic maps in electronic form through the G-XML encording....Ryoichi Kouda, Yutaka Murakami, Akifumi Nakai and Keisuke Okuzumi

General Session

An attempt of extrapolation of soil bed and the N-Values for the estimation of amplification ratio of acceleration in subsurface ground using drilling log data file (2nd Rep.)....Hideyasu Asahi, Kunio Kawauchi, Noritoshi Goto and Toshikazu Kuroshima

Drilling log data base in Hokkaido (Ver.2003)....Hideyasu Asahi and Yukihiro Kohata

Relation between concentration of atmospheric ions and earthquake prediction elements - Magnitude, hypocenter distance, precursor time -....Akira Fujikoshi, Kazuhito Okamoto, Hiroshi Koga, Mayumi Tsutani and Kiyoshi Wadatsumi

The development of sallow landslide simulation system....Tetsuya Fukuda, Yasuhito Sasaki and Yasuhiko Wakizaka

Algorithm for stratigraphic sequence using discrete mathematics....Naoki Hirai, Kiyoji Shiono and Shinji Masumoto

Application of sea-bottom electric sounding method to groundwater investigation at the offshore Kurobe River alluvial fan....Makoto Inoue, Tomochika Tokunaga, Katsurou Mogi, Takuya Urakosi, Masaru Toida, Jing Zhang and Yoshiharu Matsui

Earthquake catalogue of East Asia....Yuzo Ishikawa

Spatial analysis of the ground level change over the Nobi Plain....Taishi Ito and Kaoru Fukuyama

Three-dimensional model of geological structure including weathering zone - A case study of southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture -....Atsushi Kajiyama, Nobuyuki Ikawa and Kiyoji Shiono

A design of personal geological outcrop (field note) database (part5) - A method of Outcrop Structures -....Hideo Kasai

Development of data analysis software for transient pulse permeability test....Masaji Kato, Takashi Kawamura, Manabu Takahashi and Katsuhiko Kaneko

Image processing lamination tracer for extracting 2D deformed images to 1D profiles removed lateral heterogeneity of lamination....Nagoyoshi Katsuta, Masao Takano, Teruyuki Okaniwa and Mineo Kumazawa

Spatio-temporal distribution analysis of water quality data in a ser area....Katsuaki Koike, Setsuro Matsuda and Ayako Tamura

Detection of scaling-law in geologic data with application to spatial distribution modeling....Katsuaki Koike, Kouji Narikiyo and Setsuro Matsuda

Measurements of rock mass scarp by 3D imaging scanner - Application for GIS on prevention of road slope disasters....Takeshi Kuwano, Yasuhito Sasaki and Yasuhiko Wakizaka

Algorithm for visualization of geologic boundary based on logical model of geologic structure (2) GRASS GIS application....Shinji Masumoto, Tatsuya Nemoto and Kiyoji Shiono

Soil properties and standard penetration test properties....Kaoru Matsumura and Tetsuya Shoji

Surface vector map to extract geomorphological features....Takako Nakamura and Tetsuya Shoji

Algorithm for visualization of geologic boundary based on logical model of geologic structure (3) Triangulation approach....Tatsuya Nemoto, Shinji Masumoto and Kiyoji Shiono

SGML data preparation of Geoinformatics....Niichi Nishiwaki

Estimation of the geological structure in the western Osaka Plain using drilling data....Susumu Nonogaki, Muneki Mitamura, Kiyoji Shiono and Shinji Masumoto

Digging volume estimation of the Inushima stones - A trial calculation using STRIPE method -....Yousuke Noumi

Relationship between geological and geotechnical information and seismic intensity in the coastal plain in Noboribetsu....Seiko Ohtomo, Kunio Kawauchi, Hideyasu Asahi and Noritoshi Goto

Serving spatial data on the web using open source free software....Venkatesh Raghavan, Phisan Santitamnont, Shinji Masumoto and Kiyoshi Honda

Topographic self-similarity and valley spacing....Tomoji Sanga, Osamu Fujiwara, Michio Nogami and Katsuaki Koike

Algorithm for visualization of geologic boundary based on logical model of geologic structure (1) Mathematical approach....Kiyoji Shiono, Shinji Masumoto and Tatsuya Nemoto

Variogram’s sill of wind directions....Tetsuya Shoji

Development of GPS system for the active volcano of Hokkaido....Masazo Takami, Satoshi Ishimaru, Makoto Tamura, Noritoshi Okazaki, Tomohiro Masunari, Kiyoharu Tanaka, Yoshiaki Takechi and Hiroki Ohkubo

Estimation of sea surface temperature using optical sensor satellite images....Ayako Tamura, Katsuaki Koike and Shigeki Kobayashi

Real time weather information system based on GIS data base....Shigeru Tani

On the visualization of grout injected fissures based on the fluorescent approach....Michinao Terada, Hajime Hamada and Takashi Nishiyama

A study on interpretation of geomorphology using elevation on digital map....Yuusaku Tominaga and Takafumi Suzuki

The train which concentrations the multipoint observation data of atmospheric ions automatically....Youichi Uchida, Masahide Nishihashi, Yoshitomo Wasa, Katsuya Shibata and Kiyoshi Wadatsumi

Simplicity orthogonal projection transformation program for aerial photography....Kouji Umino, Masakazu Ozaki and Yosuke Noumi

Quantitative description of the disorder of geomorphic surface using fractal analysis....Yukie Yabumoto and Yousuke Noumi

Fractal map of Okayama prefecture....Yukie Yabumoto and Yousuke Noumi

Procedures for constructing mathematical structures of biostratigraphic classification....Kumiko Yamaguchi

Visualization of geologic boundaries: Extension and application of geologic function....Go Yonezawa, Shinji Masumoto, Tatsuya Nemoto and Kiyoji Shiono

MidFielder: Decision support system for geologic field survey - A consideration of data processing after stratigraphic classification....Kenichi Yoshida, Kiyoji Shiono, Shinji Masumoto and Masanori Sakamoto


Report on Geological Committee of Science Council of Japan....Niichi Nishiwaki

Obituary: Prof. Satoshi Yamamoto 1948-2003....Niichi Nishiwaki

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No.3 Contents


Formalization and Estimation of Integrated Geological Investigations: An Informational Approach....Lev Eppelbaum, Vilen Eppelbaum and Zvi Ben-Avraham

Detailed Classifications of Microcracks and These Transitions in Failure Process Subjected to Triaxial

Compression Test....Yuki Kita, Toshihide Ito, Ryouta Maekawa, Youqing Chen, Takashi Nishiyama

A Design of Personal Geological Outcrop( Field Note )Database ( part 2 ) - On the Expression Method of the Stratigraphy -....Hideo Kasai


Report on the First Council Meeting in 2003....Society Office

Report on the Second Council Meeting in 2003....Society Office

Report on the GEOINFORUM-2003....Makoto Inoue and Masanori Sakamoto

Report on Geological Committee of Science Council of Japan....Niichi Nishiwaki

Report on "Training Workshop on Application of Remote Sensing, GIS and Hydro-Dynamic Modeling for Flood Management", Hanoi, 2003....Venkatesh Raghavan and Mamoru Shibayama

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No.4 Contents


Colored Surface Vector Maps and Their Stereoscopy to Extract Geomorphological Features....Takako Nakamura and Tetsuya Shoji

Evaluation of Geoscience Information....Tetsuya Shoji

Development of System and Software

A Prototype of Database System for Seismological Data - SEISMO: Nojima Fault Area Case....Marina Pervukhina, Yasuto Kuwahara and Hisao Ito

Short Article

Generation of DEM for Slope Disasters GIS on Roads using 3D Imaging Scanner....Takeshi Kuwano and Yasuhito Sasaki


Report on the IAMG2003, Portsmouth, UK……Ryoichi Kouda, Hideyasu Asahi and Niichi Nishiwaki

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