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An Equation for Assessing Interaction among Components in Combined Pollutions....Tetsuya Shoji

A Design of Personal Geological Outcrop (Field Note) Database (Part 4) - Theory of Base Rock, Cover Rock and Alternation -....Hideo Kasai

Improvement on Spatial Estimation of Target Propertyby a Joint Analysis of Hard and Soft Data: A Case Study of Water Temperature Modeling in a Sea Area Using Satellite Images....Ayako Tamura, Katsuaki Koike and Chunxue Liu

Development of System and Software

Drawing of Great Circles and Small Circles on a Wulff Net by MS-Excel/VBA....Tetsuya Shoji


Announcement on the GEOINFORUM-2006....Society Office

Announcement of 9th ISME

Instructions to Contributors

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No.2 Contents


Solution with modified perceptron to tunnel cutting face evaluation problems....Yuji Watanabe, Tatsuo Kitajima, Masaki Kimura and Kenichi Harada


Geoinforum-2005 Annual Meeting Abstracts


Social situation change actually involving Web-GIS....Akira Iwamatsu and Ryoichi Kouda

Digital expression of geologic information on Google open network....Tatsuya Nemoto

A perspective of FOSS Web-GIS technology in relation to geological data management and visualization....Shinji Masumoto and Venkatesh Raghavan

Present condition and the subject in public presentation and in reuse of geology information....Fumio Nakada

Web authentication of geologic information on the open network space....Ryoichi Kouda and Masahiro Kikuta

The authentication and the notarization on the work flow of the geological data processing....Masahiro Kikuta and Ryoichi Kouda

General Session

Characterizing deep resistivity structures of Futagawa and Hinagu faults belt and their relationship with hypocenters distribution of micro-earthquakes....Hisafumi Asaue, Katsuaki Koike, Toru Yoshinaga and Shinichi Takakura

Three dimensional geologic modeling of Higashiyama hill in Mid Niigata Prefecture....Masafumi Ekawa, Kiyoji Shiono, Shinji Masumoto, Susumu Nonogaki and Tsuyoshi Haraguti

Three dimensional shape measurement of boulder using digital photogrammetry „„ Makoto Endo and Yousuke Noumi

Spatially correlating coal quality with seam structure in a multilayer coal deposit....Mohamad Nur Heriawan and Katsuaki Koike

Development of new electrical log in the hole made by Swedish weigh sounding test....Makoto Inoue and Toshio Shinokawa

Damage of lifeline caused by the Uemachi fault system....Yoshinori Iwasaki

The attempt of the preparation of the hazard map of the Kofu City by Ansei Tokai earthquake....Hideo Kasai

A design of personal geological outcrop (field note) database (part 8) - The expression method of fault -....Hideo Kasai

Geologic classification of tideland area by remote sensing technique....Katsuaki Koike, Takashi Nakatsuru, Ayako Tamura, Tohru Yoshinaga and Fumihiko Yamada

An experiment on satellite image classification using support vector machine....Lisa H. Lai and Isao Sato

Geostatistical simulation considering directional elements with application to rock fracture distribution....Chunxue Liu, Katsuaki Koike and Tomoji Sanga

System release and future development of the G-INDEX „„„„ Yasuaki Murata, Kazunari Nawa and Daisaku Kawabata

Development of real-time monitoring system of rock slope collapse which utilized Webserver....Fumio Nakada, Yoshitaka Doki and Hiroshi Tateishi

Developing spatially enabled portal for historical GIS application in Hanoi....Nguyen Hoa Binh, Venkatesh Raghavan, Ninsawat Sarawut, Ho Dinh Duan and Mamoru Shibayama

Adoption of AJAX and X3D technology in open source Web GIS application....Sarawut Ninsawat, Venkatash Raghavan, Daisuke Yoshida and Shinji Masumoto

Coding for Legend of Geological Map....Yoshiharu Nishioka

Availability of surface estimation method using cubic B-spline function....Susumu Nonogaki, Kiyoji Shiono and Shinji Masumoto

Gamma ray spectrometry for Shodo-shima granitic rocks....Yousuke Noumi and Kaori Nomura

Development of e-learning contents for GIS education using Moodle CMS....Midori Ohno, Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto and Hideo Nakano

Public presentation of the data maps about eruption history of active volcanoes in Hokkaido by Web-GIS....Satoshi Ozawa

Establishment of OSGeo foundation and prospects for promoting open source geospatial solutions in Japan and Asian region....Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto, Toru Mori and Kazunori Noda

Image processing of Pi-SAR polarimetric data for detecting geomorphologic and structural features of an active volcano....Asep Saepuloh, Katsuaki Koike, Makoto Omura and Masato Iguchi

Construction of Terramod2005 using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition....Masanori Sakamoto

Drawing of various kinds of histograms by MS-Excel/VBA....Tetsuya Shoji

An equation for assessing interaction among components n combined pollutions - Supplement....Tetsuya Shoji

Program of frost depth by Excel/VBA and modified Berggren equation....Masazo Takami

Disaster prevention system by Web GIS in rural area....Shigeru Tani and Masato Fukuhara

Introduction of geological features investigation system by personal digital assistants (PDA)....Mamoru Toyoda and Makoto Namihisa

DEM generation from InSAR and phase error due to water vapor in atmosphere....Tran Van Anh, Shinji Masumoto, Venkatesh Raghavan and Kiyoji Shiono

Proposal of axioms on durations of species as mathematical base for time classification....Kumiko Yamaguchi and Kiyoji Shiono

Development of open Web-GIS prototype for regional geographic information network project in the Philippines region II....Daisuke Yoshida, Maryanne Darauay, Milagros Rimando, Regional Development Council II and Venkatesh Raghavan

Consideration on an estimation method of water vapor effects on satellite synthetic aperture radar interferometry....Minxue Zheng, Kaoru Fukuyama and Makoto Omura


Announcement of Sympojium "The Matsushiro Earthquake Swarm for 40 years"

Announcement on the International Symposium on Geoinformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences

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No.3 Contents


Numerical Simulation of Fault Development in the Red Sea Rift System by Using Finite Element Method....Mohammad Shafiul Hamid

Development of System and Software

Drawing of Several Kinds of Histograms by MS-Excel/VBA....Tetsuya Shoji


Establishment of the Society Awards and the Recipients of The Year 2006....Hideyasu Asahi

Report of the 1st Council Meeting in 2006....Society Office

Report of the GEOINFORUM-2006....Makoto Inoue and Masanori Sakamoto

News of Japan Geoscience Union

Report of the IUGS Subcommittee of Science Council of Japan „„„Niichi Nishiwaki

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No.4 Contents


Responsibility Sharing and Explicit and Implicit Indication of Risks Caused by Interaction among Pollutants....Tetsuya Shoji and Takeshi Komai


Report of the IAMG 2006 (Liege, Belgium)....Liu Chungxue

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