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No.1 Contents


Automatic extraction of traces of slope failures from high accurate DEM using gSlit Methodh....Kenta Hanai and Shuichiro Yokota

Characterization of Soil Environmental Changes in Northern Tarim Basin in China - Spatio-Temporal Variation Analyses of Salinized Soils Derived from Satellite Data -....Ayshamgul Wayit, Katsuaki Koike and Takashi Ishiyama


Announcement of GEOINFORUM-2010 (22-23 June 2010)....Society Office

Announcement of Geological Excursion (20-21 June 2010)....Ryoichi Kouda


Announcement of the IXth ISME (7-8 Sept. 2010)....Ryoichi Kouda

New Definition of Quaternary and Pleistocene....Niichi Nishiwaki

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No.2 Contents

Lecture Note

Google Earth and KML (Part 1) -The Outline of KML and Display Method of the Placemark-....Hideo Kasai

Geoinforun-2009 Annual Meeting Abstracts

General session

Standards and managements

Geoethics and geoinformatics....Niichi Nishiwaki

Requirement definitions, prototypings and field operations tests for geo-information management system....Yuichiro Fusejima, Keiichi Sakaguchi, Tsukasa Nakano, Tomoaki Sumii, Daisaku Kawabata and Eiji Saito



Content enhancement and advanced utilization of the nationwide geotechnical database; "KuniJiban"....Tomio Inazaki, Toshiyuki Kurahashi and Yasuhito Sasaki


Remote sensing

Study how to utilize the DEM for geological information - No.2 The relation between the slope gradation map and the geological information....Makoto Inoue

Characterizing the effect of fracture zones on spatial heterogeneity of vegetation using geostatistical techniques....Ling Wang and Katsuaki Koike

Cloud computing and the utilization of free and open environment....Ryoichi Kouda


Geologic modeling

Fundamental concepts for three dimensional geologic modeling system development based on shared distributed Web-GIS to providing widely geologic information ¥¥¥¥Shinji Masumoto, Tatsuya Nemoto, Susumu Nonogaki, Kenichi Sakurai, Hiroyuki Shoga and Venkatesh Raghavan

Geological region processing using 3D Boolean operation....Toshiaki Ohkuma, Taiki Shimbo, Yoichi Suzuki and Yoshitaka Kojima

Terramod-BSFA software for modeling of geological surface using BS-Horizon....Masanori Sakamoto, Susumu Nonogaki, Shinji Masumoto and Kiyoji Shiono

Spatial modeling of large-scale hydraulic structure in a granite area with consideration on relation to fracture distributions....Katsuaki Koike, Chunxue Liu, Alaa Masoud, Arata Kurihara and Kenji Amano

Spatial modeling of large-scale geosphere environment - A case study of groundwater level and geothermal distributions -....Naoyuki Tadakuma and Katsuaki Koike


Mathematics and logic

Graphs of intercals on a totally ordered set applied to mathematical formulation of biostratigraphy....Kumiko Yamaguchi and Kiyoji Shiono

Analysis of 3D space partitioning using binary tree....Hiroyuki Yamana and Kiyoji Shiono


Data analyses and applications

Change of rainfall pattern suggested by change of variogram (2nd report)....Tetsuya Shoji

Spatio-temporal continuity of heavy rain suggested by variograms of 10 min and 1 h precipitation data....Tetsuya Shoji

goGPS: Open source software to enhance the accuracy of low-cost GPS devices....Eugenio Realini, Mirko Reguzzoni and Venkatesh Raghavan



The release of "Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan" Web site with the use of Google Maps API....Yoshiharu Nishioka and Yoshie Masaka

Implementation of dynamic cost based routing for navigation under real road conditions using FOSS4G and OpenStreetMap....Sittichai Choosumrong, Venkatesh Raghavan and Eugenio Realini

GeoClino on iPhone and Android based cellular phone as geological survey tools....Mamoru Toyoda, Daisaku Kawabata and Yoshiharu Nishioka

Construction of data base and Web-GIS server for visualizing of hydrogeological structures....Hisafumi Asaue and Naoyuki Tadakuma


Poster session

Creation of "Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan" raster data for download by using GIS....Yoshie Masaka and Yoshiharu Nishioka

Improvement of Web system for integrating geological information....Tatsuya Nemoto and Katsumi Kimura

Trends and issues in three dimensional geologic modeling system based on geologic boundary surfaces....Susumu Nonogaki

Construction of 3D urban model of Hanoi, Vietnam....Go Yonezawa, Hiroyuki Shoga, Susumu Nonogaki, Shinji Masumoto, Venkatesh Raghavan and Mamoru Shibayama

Enhancing free and open source geospatial software packaging: Internationalization of OSGeo4W installer for the Windows 7 platform....Hirofumi Hayashi, Jeff McKenna, Kenichi Sakurai, Venkatesh Raghavan and Shinji Masumoto



"Geological Data Processing" and "Geoinformatics" are released from the first issues on Journal@rchive¥¥¥¥Kiyoji Shiono

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No.3 Contents

Short Article

Research into Rational Rock Mass Classification during Survey and Design Using Scoring Points for Tunnel Construction....Masaki KIMURA


Urban Expansion of Can Tho City, Veitnam: A Study Based on Multi-temporal Satellite Images....Pham Thi Mai Thy, Venkatesh Raghavan, N.J. Pawar

Lecture Note

Google Earth and KML (Part 2) |The Display of Path, Polygon and Imageoverlay|....Hideo Kasai


Report of the 1st Council Meeting in 2010....Society Office

Report of the Geoinforum-2010....Makoto Inoue and Masanori Sakamoto

2010 Society Awards

Announcement of Japan Society of Geoinformatics Symposium 2010....Makoto Inoue and Masanori Sakamoto

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No.4 Contents

Lecture Note

Google Earth and KML (Part 3)- The Grouping of Objects -....Hideo Kasai


Estimation of Atmospheric Water Vapor Effects on Satellite InSAR Observation....Minxue Zheng, Kaoru Fukuyama and Makoto Omura

Use of ontology for field geological data -"Outcrop Information Vocabulary" prototype-....Yoshiharu Nishioka, Yuichiro Fusejima, Shinji Takarada, Toshimitsu Iwaya and Toshie Igawa


Report of the 2nd Council Meeting in 2010....Society Office

Report of Japan Society of Geoinformatics Symposium2010....Makoto Inoue


Report on the promotion meeting of the 34th IGC....Niichi Nishiwaki

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