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No.1 Contents


Three Dimensional Geological Modeling of the Kisarazu Distinct Based on Logical Procedures....Susumu Nonogaki and Tsutomu Nakazawa

Development of System and Software

Point Count Application by MS-Excel VBA....Toshiaki Shimura and Moeru Kojima


Announcement of GEOINFORUM-2015....Society Office


Report of GIS-IDEAS2014....Susumu Nonogaki

Announcement of FOSS4G(Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial)-2015 ....Venkatesh Raghavan


Instructions to Contributors

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No.2 Contents


Mathematical models of geological structure of outcrops and stratigraphy based on graph theory - Lens-shaped layers and interfingering layers -....Hideo Kasai

Geoinforum-2015 Annual Meeting Abstracts

General session

Mathematics and logic

Evaluation of obtained geoinformation: Comparison of entropy and variance....Tetsuya Shoji

Graph of intervals on a totally ordered set to estimate lacked associations of fossil taxa in biostratigraphic units....Kumiko Yamaguchi and Kiyoji Shiono

Mathematical models of geological structure of outcrops and stratigraphy of turned layers based on graph theory....Hideo Kasai

Estimating the optimal parameter values for BS-Horizon DEM generation algorithm in flat lowland area....Thi An Tran, Shinji Masumoto, Venkatesh Raghavan, Susumu Nonogaki, Tatsuya Nemoto and Go Yonezawa

Estimation of geological boundary surface using bi-cubic B-spline with unequally-spaced knots....Susumu Nonogaki, Shinji Masumoto and Tatsuya Nemoto


Geologic modeling

Reliability evaluation method for geological boundary surface estimated by spline interpolation....Shinji Masumoto, Tatsuya Nemoto, Muneyori Yoshida, Venkatesh Raghavan and Susumu Nonogaki

Construction of hydrogeological structure model in Teshikaga region, Hokkaido....Yusuke Morino and Kaoru Marutani

Development of a web-based geological model in the Sapporo area with a system for utilizing geological information - Application of Dynamic Waveform Matching to correlate boring cores -....Mamoru Toyoda, Yukihiko Kojima and Akira Sano


Standards and managements

Development of a website supporting the secondary use of boring data....Fumio Nakada

Geoethical case study for communication of geosciences information on natural hazards....Niichi Nishiwaki


Data analyses and applications

FFT analysis of topography using DEM....Tomoki Yoshida, Shinji Masumoto and Tatsuya Nemoto

Relationship of the fracture system estimated from DEM lineaments and subsurface temperature distribution in a geothermal area....Taiki Kubo, Kanta Takahashi, Koki Kashiwaya, Katsuaki Koike and Shigeki Sakurai

A geostatistical approach of ore grade modeling in combination with a physical law....Lei Lu, Taiki Kubo, Risa Uchikura, Chunxue Liu, Koki Kashiwaya, Katsuaki Koike and Ryoichi Yamada

Geo-information on crustal properties and failure included in radon concentration of terrestrial gas....Katsuaki Koike and Koki Kashiwaya


Remote sensing

Simulation of hyperspectral imagery from Landsat imagery for detailed mineral mapping....Nguyen Tien Hoang and Katsuaki Koike

Extrapolating near-shore depth using geographically weighted regression of multi-spectral satellite images with consideration of bottom class types....Poliyapram Vinayaraj, Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto and Go Yonezawa

Improvement of the slope gradation image - Aiming for disaster mitigation -....Makoto Inoue



Development of a viewer of the Seamless Geological Map with the GSI Tiles....Kaoru Kitao, Yoshiharu Nishioka and Juri Nagatsu

S-map: JavaScript library for sophisticated web map application....Yoshiharu Nishioka

Prototype of disaster prevention and environmental assessment information sharing system for regional planning support using GIS....Satoshi Ozawa, Satoru Ono, Kazuhiro Hamahara and Sunao Ohtsu

Service area analysis of disaster shelter using FOSS4G - Case study of Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City -....Satoshi Kitashima, Daisuke Yoshida, Go Yonezawa and Venkatesh Raghavan


Poster session

Generation of stereo topographical maps and raster images by texture mapping on digital elevation models....Yasuo Awata

Experimental publishing of the field survey information in the event of disaster....Daisaku Kawabata and Makoto Saito

3D geological modeling system for Vietnam based on borehole data....Go Yonezawa, Susumu Nonogaki, Kenichi Sakurai, Muneki Mitamura, Shinji Masumoto, Venkatesh Raghavan, Xuan Luan Truong and Tatsuya Nemoto

Calculation of topographic change using aerial photographs in southern Senboku hill, Osaka Prefecture....Tatsuya Nemoto, Ryuji Yoshida, Shinji Masumoto, Muneki Mitamura and Tomoaki Higa


Announcement regarding FOSS4G(Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial)-2015....Venkatesh Raghavan

Obituary Hideyasu Asahi 1945-2015....Masazo Takami


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No.3 Contents


Design of smart tiles architecture and application to the Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan....Yoshiharu Nishioka and Juri Nagatsu

Bitwise operation useful to analyze logical model of geologic structure....Kiyoji Shiono and Toshiaki Ohkuma


Report of the 1st Council Meeting in 2015....Society Office

Report of the Geoinforum-2015....Event Organizing Committee

2015 Society Awards

Revision of the Bylaws and the Contribution Rules....Editorial Committee


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No.4 Contents


PNG Elevation Tile|Design and implementation of the elevation file format for Web use|....Yoshiharu Nishioka and Juri Nagatsu


Reflections on FOSS4G Seoul 2015....Maria Antonia Brovelli and Venkatesh Raghavan


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