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No.1 Contents

Development of System and Software

Modelling and Simulation of Morphogenesis in Colonial Azooxanthellate Scleractinians....Rie Ohno, Asuka Sentoku, Yoichi Ezaki and Shinji Masumoto


Announcement of GEOINFORUM-2016....Executive Committee

Report of Geoinformatics Symposium 2015....Fumio Nakada

Report of the 2nd Council Meeting in 2015....Society Office


Instructions to Contributors

Manuscript Submission Form


Membership Application Form

No.2 Contents


Web-based mineral information system of Thailand using free and open source software and open geospatial consortium standards: A case study of ASEAN region....Nutjaree Charoenbunwanon, Koji Wakita and Joel C. Bandibas

Geoinforum-2016 Annual Meeting Abstracts

General session

Mathematics and logic

Geoinformatics can contribute to assess mineral processing properties of discovered mineral deposits....Tetsuya Shoji

Mathematical models of geological structure of outcrops and stratigraphy based on graph theory - The identity between outcrops -....Hideo Kasai

Graph of intervals on a totally ordered set to estimate associations of fossil taxa....Kumiko Yamaguchi and Kiyoji Shiono

Investigation of BS-Horizon parameter settings for topographic surface generation....Thi An Tran, Shinji Masumoto, Venkatesh Raghavan, Susumu Nonogaki, Tatsuya Nemoto and Go Yonezawa

Application of tuple calculation to 3D modeling of geologic structure....Toshiaki Ohkuma and Kiyoji Shiono



Development of plotting-system and search-engine for mass boring data on web-based mapping system....Kaoru Kitao, Fumio Nakada, Akiyoshi Tsuchiya and Toshio Ikeda


Geologic modeling

Development of a software for visualizing a large amount of geological data....Mamoru Toyoda, Yukihiko Kojima and Masashi Mizuno

Geological modeling and groundwater flow analysis of the Kyoto Basin considering distribution of the Osaka Group....Shun Yamamoto, Ryosuke Fumita, Koki Kashiwaya and Katsuaki Koike

Fundamental mistake for estimation of the strong ground motion and displacements from Uemachi fault earthquake by the Central Disaster Management Council of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan....Yoshinori Iwasaki

Estimation of hydrogeological boundary surface using Terramod-BS....Yusuke Morino and Satoshi Ozawa


Geophysical survey and observation system

Noise reduction method of marine electric field data by independent component analysis....Shinya Sato, Tada-nori Goto, Takafumi Kasaya and Yoshifumi Kawada

Measurement of physical properties of rocks at seafloor sulfide mounds and the physical modeling....Yusuke Ohta, Tada-nori Goto, Kouki Kashiwaya, Weiren Lin, Osamu Tadai, Takafumi Kasaya, Toshiya Kanamatsu and Hideaki Machiyama

Exploration test of marine DC resistivity method around seafloor massive sulfide....Keiichi Ishizu, Chatchai Vachiratienchai, Weerachai Siripunvaraporn and Tada-nori Goto


Standards and managements

Application to the geological information utilization process of model space....Hiroyuki Yamane and Ichiro Kobayashi

Legal, social, scientific and ethical responsibility on geoscience information....Niichi Nishiwaki


Data analyses and applications

Especial representation method of the micro-topography....Makoto Inoue

Geostatistical forward prediction of leaching amount of arsenic in mountain tunneling....Taiki Kubo, Koichi Okuzawa, Koki Kashiwaya and Katsuaki Koike

Application of radon concentration in soil gas to detecting fractures of hydrothermal fluid path....Shogo Kitamura, Taiki Kubo, Yohei Tada, Koki Kashiwaya and Katsuaki Koike

Temperature and pressure simulation of geothermal reservoir in the Appi site using TOUGH2....Kouta Baba, Taiki Kubo and Katsuaki Koike

Effectiveness of use of auxiliary information for geologic spatial modeling....Katsuaki Koike, Lei Lu and Taiki Kubo


Remote sensing

Preliminary assessment of groundwater in crystalline basement in Mozambique through integration of remotely sensed data....Luís A. Magaia, Katsuaki Koike and Alaa A. Masoud

Extraction of hydrothermal alteration zones from satellite imagery with application to estimation of fluid paths....Risa Uchikura, Koki Kashiwaya, Yohei Tada, Taiki Kubo, Katsuaki Koike and Shigeki Sakurai

Lineament extraction and fracture system modeling using DEM data in geothermal area....Kanta Takahashi, Taiki Kubo, Koki Kashiwaya, Yohei Tada, Katsuaki Koike and Shigeki Sakurai

Processing open data of free satellite images by free applications....Ryoichi Kouda

Pixel based and object based fuzzy LULC classification using GRASS GIS and RapidEye imagery of Lao Cai area, Vietnam„„„„ Thi Hang Do, Venkatesh Raghavan, Poliyapram Vinayaraj, Xuan Luan Truong and Go Yonezawa

Crop monitoring using time-series MODIS data: Application validation for Mekong Delta region in South Vietnam....Phuong Le-Thi and Phung Phi-Hoang

Implementation of algorithm for satellite derived bathymetry using GRASS GIS Python scripting and R....Poliyapram Vinayaraj, Venkatesh Raghavan, Luca Delucchi, Tatsuya Nemoto and Shinji Masumoto



Publishing of the Seamless Elevation Service using Data Tile Map....Yoshiharu Nishioka and Juri Nagatsu

Collection and analysis of geological information by diving surveys toward the practical application of integrated data on GIS for marine mineral resources exploration - Case study of Mid-Okinawa trough -....Makoto Kaneko, Toru Takahashi, Takafumi Kasaya, Kazuya Kitada, Ayu Takahashi and Hideaki Machiyama

Development of field data monitoring and evaluation platform using customizable mobile application and web-mapping tool....Niroshan Bandara, Venkatesh Raghavan, Daisuke Yoshida and Pavithra Jayasinghe

Post disaster road traversability mapping using mobile user generated GPS traces and OpenStreetMap based on map-matching....Wenlong Yu, Xianfeng Song, Venkatesh Raghavan, Daisuke Yoshida and Hiroyuki Ebara

A low-cost framework for sharing safety information during disasters through community participation....Takako Nishimoto, Daisuke Yoshida, Go Yonezawa and Venkatesh Raghavan


Poster session

Browsing system for geological information in the northern Chiba area....Susumu Nonogaki and Tsutomu Nakazawa

Consideration of brightness temperature by free-open satellite image....Hideyuki Tabata, Venkatesh Raghavan, Go Yonezawa and Shinji Masumoto

Analysis for natural disasters by "InaSAFE" QGIS plugin and public access data....Mitsunori Ueda, Hideyuki Tabata, Vu Hoang Phuong, Go Yonezawa, Venkatesh Raghavan and Daisuke Yoshida

Urban transformation and sustainability of Red River Basin in Vietnam based on water environment monitoring....Go Yonezawa, Venkatesh Raghavan, Muneki Mitamura, Harue Masuda, Tatsuya Nemoto, Susumu Nonogaki, Shinji Masumoto, Daisuke Yoshida, Yasuyuki Kono, Mamoru Shibayama, Makoto Taniguchi and Xuan Luan Truong


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No.3 Contents


Shift of GEOINFORMATICS to full online journal....President@Shinji Masumoto


Mathematical models of geological structure of outcrops and stratigraphy based on graph theory - Representation of turned layers-....Hideo Kasai


Report of the 1st Council Meeting in 2016....Society Office

Report of the Geoinforum-2016....Event Organizing Committee

2016 Society Awards

FAQ on Shift of GEOINFORMATICS to full online journal....Society Office

Revision of the Contribution Rules and the DOI format....Editorial Committee


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No.4 Contents


Request to take the survey for full online journal of Geoinformatics ....President@Shinji Masumoto


GeoCalcVB : Bitwise operation program to analyze logical model of geologic structure....Toshiaki Ohkuma and Kiyoji Shiono


A short course of satellite image processing: Daito Bunka University Workshop of JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research....Ryoichi Kouda


Attendance Report of the 35th International Geological Congress at Cape Town ....Luís André Magaia and Lei Lu


Toshiaki Ohkuma 1975-2016....Yoshitaka Kojima


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